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Hairstyling Training

You can become a fully certified and licensed hairstylist with Ministry-accredited hairstylist pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs with Studio 500.

About 90 per cent of the program involves on-the job training by sponsors of training employers and the rest is theoretical training through a community college or by an approved training delivery agent such as Studio 500.

Because the training is on-the-job, there are opportunities to earn while you learn and develop skills that are in high demand. Apprentices may qualify for a training allowance, employment insurance and/or an apprenticeship grant while attending school.

Studio 500 Hairstyling Apprenticeship Program is funded and supported by the provincial government, through Employment Ontario. Registered apprentices pay only 10% of the tuition cost which is $400 plus GST.  Studio 500 also provides a complete tool kit, including everything you will need to be successful during your training, and text book with exam materials.

To become a hairstyling apprentice:

  • Find an employer to hire and sponsor your training
  • Sign a training agreement with your employer that is prepared by an Apprenticeship Branch consultant.
  • After completion of the apprenticeship – including in-school accreditation and salon work – you are eligible to write the provincial Certificate of Qualification examination to become a licensed hairstylist in Ontario.

Hairstylist Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Hairstylist Pre-Apprenticeship Program is designed for those who want to become licensed Hairstylists but have not achieved the required academic requirements (OSSD or equivalent) to register as an apprentice.

This program prepares participants to enter the Hairstylist Trade as a Registered Apprentice.

This 40-week* program includes:

  • Academic Upgrading (16 weeks)
  • Level 1 in-school training component of the Apprenticeship Program (10 weeks)
  • Employment skills, life skills, computer basics, CPR and First Aid safety training (6 weeks)
  • Paid work placement experience (up to 8 weeks)

*Note: minor changes to curriculum schedule/outline may occur

pre apprenticeship


Free for qualified applicants

14 weeks hands-on training

8 weeks salon field placement

Complete your GED

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Hairstylist Apprenticeship Program
In-School Accreditation for Hairstylist Apprentices

Through this program, apprentices are prepared to write the Certificate of Qualification Examination for Hairstylists in Ontario and to be successful in this competitive industry through the provision of theoretical instruction in techniques such as cutting, styling, colouring physiology, hygiene and salon management and gain practical hands-on experience.
Hairstylist Apprentices require two levels of theory training. Studio 500 offers this in the following ways:

  • Full time: 5 days a week, 8 weeks for each level
  • Part time: 2 days a week, 15 weeks for each level



In order to attend training at Studio 500:

  • Apprentices must be at least 16 years of age, and eligible to work in Canada;
  • Must have obtained an Ontario Secondary School Diploma;
  • Must be currently employed in the trade and formally registered as apprentices;
  • Apprenticeship eligibility is determined by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

For more information on how to become a registered apprentice, contact your local apprenticeship office.
For the Toronto region, please contact:

Workplace Support Services Branch
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

900 Bay Street, 17th Floor – Mowat Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1L2
Tel: (416) 326-5800 / Fax: (416) 325-6162

In order to register as a student with Studio 500 Hairstyling Apprenticeship program, you must have received your Offer of Classroom Training by mail from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Once you have received your Offer of Classroom Training, you may register in person at our East Mall location or by calling 416-394-6961 (payment by credit card required).



5 Days a Week

8 weeks

Part Time Options

2 Days a week

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Burnhamthorpe is more than a school, it’s place where we are all like a family, valuing and respecting each other with great manners.