Period 1 Period 2

ESLBO8 English as a Second Language, B  Level


CHC2PO8 Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10 Open

ESLCO8 English as a Second Language, C Level   ELS2O8 Learning Skills: Reading and Writing
ESLDO8 English as a Second Language, D Level  
ESLEO8 English as a Second Language, E Level  


PERIOD 1     8:40 am – 10:40 am HRF3O1 World Religions and Belief Traditions in Daily Life, Grade 11 Open
HRT3M World Religions and Belief Traditions in Daily Life: Perspectives, Issues and Challenges

Grade 11, University/College Preparation

ENG1P1 English, Grade 9, Applied
ENG1D1 English, Grade 9, Academic
ENG3C1 English, Grade 11 , College
ENG4U1 English, Grade12, University
MCR3U1 Functions and Applications, Grade 11, University
HSB4U1 Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12, University
MAP4C1 Foundations for College Mathematics Grade 12, College
MDM4U1 Mathematics of Data Management, Grade 12, University
SBI4U1 Biology, Grade 12, University



PERIOD 2     10:50 am – 12:50 pm CHC2D1 Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10 Academic
ENG2P1 English, Grade 10, Applied
ENG2D1 English, Grade 10, Academic
MFM1P1 Foundations of Mathematics, Grade 9, Applied
MPM1D1 Principles of Mathematics, Grade 9, Academic
MCV4U1 Calculus and Vectors, Grade 12, University
SNC2P1 Science, Grade 10, Applied
SNC2D1 Science, Grade 10, Academic
SBI3C1 Biology, Grade 11, College
SBI3U1 Biology, Grade 11, University
SCH3U1 Chemistry, Grade 11, University
SCH4U1 Chemistry, Grade 12, University
COOP2C Cooperative Education
TCJ3C1 Construction Technology, Grade 11 College (WIST Program)
TCJ4C1 Construction Technology, Grade 12 College (WIST Program)




PERIOD 3   1:30 pm –  3:30 pm ENG3U1 English, Grade 11, University
CLU3M1 Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11, University/College Preparation
MFM2P1 Foundations of Mathematics, Grade 10, Applied
MPM2D1 Principals of Mathematics, Grade10, Academic
SPH4U1 Physics, Grade 12 University
BTA3O1 Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment, Grade 11 Open
MHF4U1 Advanced Functions:, Grade 12 University
ENG4C1 English, Grade 12 College
SCH4C1 Chemistry, Grade 12 College
OLC401 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, Grade 12, Open
MBF3C1 Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 11, College
MCF3M1 Functions and Applications, Grade 11, University/College Preparation
COOP1S Cooperative Education


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